I use landscape painting as a means to share my emotional and psychological response to the world around me. I am drawn to natural phenomena that evoke connections to memory, fantasy, and personal allegories. The passing of vast and tumultuous summer storms become a basis to convey struggle, disquiet, or the uncanny; forgotten buildings occupied only by afternoon sunlight offer a chance to create stark urban portraits that speak of the past and present simultaneously; the eerie sense of displacement that occurs when a fog rolls in and suppresses my surroundings becomes an opportunity to embrace the fragility of human perception. My work communicates the powerful sensory impact and personal phenomenological connections that occurs when I let go of the drivel of daily life and become aware of the world outside of myself.

My aim is to capture the light and atmospheric conditions of a physical experience that correlate with the sensations of a psychological experience. My process relies on alternating between precise draftsmanship to capture a concrete visual moment, and loose expressive strokes to suggest a fleeting whisper of emotion. Likewise, use of opposing color and value separate the light from shadow to pin down the objective while calling attention to the subjective. 

My work has been featured in group, and solo exhibitions in addition to juried fine art festivals. My achievements include studying Plein Air painting by invitation in Paris and Giverny, France in 2009, receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from Metro State University in Denver, Colorado in 2010, and attending an exclusive artist residency in Harrington, Maine in 2013.